Sailing smoothly through my first pregnancy through proper diet and exercise

When I got pregnant with my first child, I was very excited. In all my life I had always wanted a child and this was it! My pregnancy came soon after my marriage to

What are the advantages of home health care versus in-patient hospital care?

Many times sick people, or people who are recovering will prefer to recover from home while receiving care from home rather than being admitted in a hospital or in some other type of health

Mirror, mirror… the advantages of beauty and healthy ways of achieving it

Beauty is something that is universally appreciated. An attractive physical appearance will almost always be met with acceptance. Many times we react positively to good looks subconsciously and our consequent actions are based on

How a movie gets to the big screen

When you come across an awesome movie at the cinema, one may be too engrossed in the happenings on-screen to wonder how exactly the movie came to be made in the first place. The

Making a career choice after a childhood of confusion and indecision

Growing up I was always undecided on what I wanted to be when I grew up. Kids growing up are often asked this question. Kids ask each other this question and adults often ask

Advancement in knowledge vs quality of life… the paradox of modern day world

A modern paradox is how the quality of life is becoming worse with the passage of time despite the fact that man is continuously inventing ways of making life better. People today have many

Though costly, I love my conveniently helpful relationship with my college girlfriend

My college life would be much tougher if it isn’t for my girlfriend Sharon. She is a great source of encouragement as I face the daily challenges of University life. I do not know

Meeting my wife while studying in the enchanting city of Singapore

In Singapore, like most urban cities, there are all kinds of people with people mingling together. Singapore is particularly a good place for interacting with all kinds of ethnicities since the City State is

Getting a house in the beautiful treasure laden city of Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful place to live in. There are many things to enjoy in this small island. It is a city that stands out for its cosmopolitan society with people of different ethnicities

Qualities That Make You Employable

Starting an online business can be tricky especially if you are not sure where to start. Finding the right opportunity for you can be a challenge, but if you do the right amount of

Home Grown Jobs

Starting a small business from home takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It may sound easy to some but actually requires a great deal of time management skills and persistence. In order

The Australian Job Market

Having an online career can be extremely rewarding but it can also come with its challenges. It has become extremely common these days for individuals to work from home even on a part-time basis.

Sports that made Gods

People who play sports on a regular basis know how just how fun it can be. Not only is it fun, but it can also be very inspiring. Some athletes play sports so that

Famous Veterinarians

Whether you are a marine biologist or a veterinarian, chances are your career of choice has been portrayed in the movies or on television. You see it in numerous motion pictures – the criminal

Journalism on the Big Screen

You see it in numerous motion pictures – the criminal suspect or VIP pulls up in an auto and is instantly encompassed by a horde of columnists with their mouthpieces, recording devices and cameras.

Architects in the Movies

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Glamorized Gynecology

Even though being a doctor gets easily glamorized on TV, being a gynecologist is a very difficult career path to get on. Gynecologists are specialists who represent considerable authority in the restorative and surgical

The Lives of Technicians

Kidney dialysis specialists, all the more generally known as renal dialysis or hemodialysis experts, work in dialysis focuses and doctor’s facilities under the supervision of enrolled medical attendants. Obligations incorporate gear setup, tolerant readiness

Criminology on Television

Criminology, as the spelling infers, is the investigation of culprits. Not only the investigation of the genuine culprits themselves, yet the way that they really carried out their violations. It concentrates on their points

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under was a television series that aired on HBO about a family who run a funeral home after their father, who owned the place, passes away. Laced with irony and dark situational

Petroleum in the Movies

There are a number of movies that have been made about petroleum engineers or petroleum in general. It has played a big role in our country’s history for a number of years. Probably the

Singing Your Way Home

If you like to sing your heart out, you may be looking to find some of the best karaoke machines in the market. There are quite a few of them to choose from. There

A Guide to Buying Amps

When shopping for an amp, don’t take home the first one you plug into. Sure, that amp may feel really good to play, and you may love how it screams, but are you really

Geologists on the Silver Screen

Whether you study geology or biochemistry, it is always fun to know whether or not there are any movies that glamorize your profession. There are a number of movies that depict these types of

Is Life As A Professional Musician Made Easy?

Many students have the passion for music but they do not know what they can do with a degree in music, so they put it in the back of their minds so they can

Rocking The World With Words

Many people believe that being a songwriter is easy, something that one can do at the snap of their fingers. Just like any other job, it takes practice to hone your craft. Some days

Is Becoming A Booking Agent Your True Calling?

There are so many people in the world that feel that music is their calling. A lot of the times they get scared and do not pursue their dream of working in music. Many

What Is The Cost Of Healing With Music?

Music and be a healer of what ails us. If you have a bad day, put on your favorite album and just let all of your problems drift away. It can go much deeper

Scholarships To Keep You Making Music

There are many career opportunities available to those who want to pursue music. No matter what your favorite thing about music is, you will be able to find a job that it is both

The Prospects Of Lesser Known Careers In Medicine

A dialysis technician provides new life to help renal disease sufferers. It is the kidney’s task to clean harmful toxins from within the bloodstream. Occasionally due to illness or renal system failure, the kidneys