The Power Of Love… & Music!

What is it about music that makes it so fundamental to the growth of life? There appears to be a link between the unfolding of music and the transition of human consciousness, both continuing

Lending A Voice To Patriotism!

Standing up for liberty and freedom is a part of modern sociological theories. As men and women lend a voice to patriotism they take a closer look at equality sustained within a democracy. There

The Power Of Two

Siblings who stay close to each other over the years tend to turn into reliable support systems for each other by the time they have reached adulthood. While the majority of children have a

Music Education Is Key For A Successful Student

It is unfortunate that in our society when education funds are limited quite often the first thing to be cut is the arts or music curriculum. For many years researchers have shown the correlation

A Funding Boost In England Means Good News For Music Education

A recent government ruling which allows additional funding for Music Education Hubs is great news for the children of the U.K. It also seems that government officials are finally recognizing the benefits that musical

The Importance Of Knowing Your Rights As A Musician

Playing in a band is a dream that many young people start with and in some cases it actually morphs into a lifelong career. Take for example Neil Young, who started his career at

A brief history of audio engineering

Thomas Edison was the first audio engineer in 1877 using a tin foil cylinder to reproduce sound, leading to the development of the phonograph; in 1888 Edison improved the design and created the first

The Best Music Production Software to Jump Start Your Career

Music Production careers are very appealing to young people all over. The fact is that young people start out wanting to be artists or producers and it eventually fizzles out because people don’t understand

Common Inaccuracies In The TV Depiction Of Courtroom Action

Television today is full of what are called “reality” shows. Note the quotation marks placed around the word reality. One hates to be the bearer of bad news, but none of it is authentically